Tips for Backpackers in Pattaya

Tips for Backpackers in Pattaya

Generally, backpackers crave for low-cost budget trips and Pattaya is just the perfect choice – the team at Best Hotel Pattaya can understand this because we started in Pattaya, Thailand as Backpackers. Indeed, everything in Pattaya can be very cheap in comparison with all the other tourist destinations in Thailand. However, Pattaya is not the popular choice by a lot of backpackers because of its infamous walking street nightlife. But Pattaya is more than its nightlife reputation. Pattaya is a safe tourist destination if you know where to go; you will surely make the most out of your stay in Pattaya.

Public Transport in Pattaya

Traveling in Pattaya can cost really cheaply, in fact its rates are the cheapest you can possibly have when you go to Thailand or even in other destinations. Rides in mini buses in Pattaya would only cost a backpacker about 150 Bahts, it’s the fixed rate. Trains are also available to tourist however; it is not too advisable to take the train since it is a slow mean of transportation in Pattaya. Other means of public transportation like that of SangThaew will only cost a traveler at least ten Bahts but it’s up to you if you want to give the driver a tip however, for practical reasons its best not to. A motorbike ride along Central Pattaya to anywhere around the city will only cost you about 30 Bahts. Or if the SangThaew and Motorbike is quite expensive for you, walking around Pattaya would not do much harm. Walking around Pattaya is the best saver tip when you are going around the city, not only that you get to see the attractions better you also get to save a lot of Bahts.

Where to Stay in Pattaya

Of course every backpacker would pick the cheapest apartments, hotels or any place to stay for the whole duration of the trip in Pattaya. There are a lot of places in which backpackers can stay in Pattaya and their prices range in very affordable prices and not like that of those offered in Bangkok or Phuket. Ordinary rooms in hotels are about 150 Bahts while air-conditioned rooms are at 500 Bahts. If you would prefer excellent and high-class facilities for your stay in Pattaya, there are also five-star hotels that are greatly available to international tourists.

Food in Pattaya

Generally, everything in Pattaya can be reasonably purchased and the food is not an exemption. Street foods in Pattaya are the super savers that every backpacker can have. There are also various restaurants that offer meals at very low prices that you can choose from. For a hundred Bahts a day, you can enjoy Pattaya’s delicacies. If you feel homesick, there are western foods available for as low as 75 Bahts up to 100 Bahts. And if you think that you cannot be full with the street foods and meals in restaurants then a good buffet of Thai food worth 99 Bahts will surely fit your appetite and make your stomach full. You might as well consider not eating a lot or nothing at all before the buffet so you will enjoy yourself to the fullest.

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