Pattaya Girls

Pattaya Bar Girls, Pattaya Go-Go Girls, “Good” Pattaya Girls In Thailand

Pattaya is a very relaxed community which is famous famous for its nightlife and red light district. It should be known that certain activity is illegal in Thailand, but is not enforced due to the massive tourism it bring to the region. Pattaya, Thailand is a resort community that has a very full on nightlife with bars, go-go’s,nightclubs and more at every one’s finger tips with girls ready to party! The types of girls you will meet in Pattaya can vary a lot, but the golden rule in Pattaya is that they mostly all came here to bring big money! In this section, Best Hotel Pattaya is going to help you, the tourist understand the mentality for each type of girl you may encounter in your travels to Pattaya!

Pattaya Bar Girls

Bar Girls

Pattaya Bar Girls are a very common sight in Pattaya, Bars will generally employ 3-7 girls to work in the bar, entice customers to come in and buy drinks and try to get the customer to “bar fine” them, which means the girl can leave the bar with the customer and do what ever they like. Generally for a set fee, the girl will be willing and very happy to go back to the tourists hotel for a coffee or a night cap. Bar Girls do not earn very much money per month, and will generally have to work long hours and they will at times have a quota they need to reach which will generally be a set number of lady drinks bought for them and a set number of bar fines each month. If they miss either of these quota’s they will be docked so much from there pay each month.

Bar girls will often come from very poor parts of the country. places like Issan is very common as this is a farming community where the average person will earn about $3 per day. When they learn they can go to Pattaya, or any other tourist region and earn up to 2000 baht per night, they will usually jump at the opportunity. Bar girls will often be un educated as there family not not have either lived near a school or would simply have been unable to afford it as the average school cost can at times be what they will earn every few months. Bar girls will often be not as far into the scene as girls that work in Go-Go’s, they will be hoping to meet a nice farang that will perhaps take her into a better life. This of course is not always the case, with there been many story’s of Pattaya Bar Girls having many men from different places sending them money each month, thinking that they are the one and only boyfriend which does this.

Pattaya Bar Girls will generally ask for anything from 2000 baht to 5000 baht for a “long time”, which means over night. This can always be bartered down to 1.5k as that is almost 1/5 worth of a month work in the bar, which is already far more then they could generally make working in a rice field. A “short time” which means they will go for an hour or 2 should cost anywhere form 500 to 1000 baht, but this is generally not worth the effort a long time is far better. Best Hotel Pattaya believes you should take concern with Bar Girls that come from establishments you do not no, or have owners that are not present, If you have any issue with the girl it is possible your story will be ignored and you all have no way to sort out any issue regarding a bar girl.

Pattaya Go-Go Girls

Pattaya Go Go Girls

Go Go Girls

Pattaya Go-Go girls will usually always work in a building type establishment, they will often have been in Pattaya longer then a Bar Girl will have a “heartened heart”, Go-Go girls can at times be older then Bar Girls and they can also still come very young which is a surprise and indication on how early girls will travel to Pattaya for the increased income! Pattaya Go-Go girls will usually performs shows and act’s in Bikini’s on a stage in front of a live audience, customers can call on girls for private shows and even just for a drink and conversation.

A bar fine in a go-go will generally be more expensive then in a bar, Go-Go’s wil often charge 700-1500 baht per bar fine for each girl. The girls in a Go-Go’s will generally ask for a higher fee due to the extra experaince, which should cost no more then 2000 to 25000 baht, which a possible tip for great conversation skills! Go-Go girls have a slight reputation for pulling the odd swifty, so you should ensure you valuables are locked away if you believe you might get a little messy due to drinking a little much.

Go-Go girls can be a fun vibrant group, often enjoying there working and loving the tips they receive! Go-Go girls are a popular genre in Pattaya and there are many venue’s where they can be found, with probably up to thousands working in them each and every day and night! Pattaya Go-Go’s can also charge more for drinks, this can be read in the Pattaya Nightlife section.

Pattaya Freelancer’s / Freelance Girls

Pattaya Freelance Girl

A Freelancer Perhaps?

Pattaya is a place with many night clubs, and bars which allow any girl to come in and try to find a customer. Freelance girls are often very good looking, and believe they will have more luck finding customers on the beach, in night clubs, on the street and by them selves in bars which will allow them. Freelance Girls will generally go for the same price as a Bar Girl, Best Hotel Pattaya believes you should look at paying around 1500 – 2000 baht, with the bonus there is no Bar Fine this can seem like and excellent situation, although it should be remembered that as you are not paying a bar fine you will have no way to no where this girl is from or who she is. It is possible the hotel will take her details, but with a bar girl; you can go to the bar to complain. This is not possible with a freelance girl.

Freelance Girls are a great choice if you are on a budget or are looking for the best looking bird. Best Hotel Pattaya is friends with many freelancers and we can assure you that the vast majority are not out to do the wrong thing but rather earn good money to save away and send back home to help their family. Freelance Girls will often also come from poor villages, or Bangkok. Freelance Girls will move around Thailand far more then Bar Girls and Go-Go girls because they are not tied to anything and can go where they believe they will find more western men, and area’s that have ore tourists drinking and enjoying a holiday in Thailand.

Freelance girls will often have few friends, and a big collection of money and clothes. They often can earn more then Bar Girls as they will try to find Expats that live locally that will call on them during the week for the odd visit. Freelance girls in Pattaya are double fun and action at times and you will hopefully not find a star fish which is a potential possibility with the Bar Girls that are found in Pattaya! Freelance girls also have the freedom of doing what they wish during the day which will be a big help if you are looking for some company due to many people traveling to Thailand solo!

Good Pattaya Girls

Educated Thai Girl Pattaya

A Good Thai Girl

Many would say it is difficult it find a “Good” girl in Pattaya and Best Hotel Pattaya would have to agree; that is not mean it can not be done though. If you are interested in finding a good girl, we would implor you to go some where like Bangkok or Phuket and visit a very high class trendy bar which would not allow bar girls in side and would most serve fine wine to people of the corporate nature, if you are content with trying in Pattaya though, we believe your best luck would be at your hotel or in the shops, the girls working in these places are often agent the act of working bars, this is not to say they do not go to the nightclubs on occasion and go home with a farang, and accept money in the morning.

Good Girls in Pattaya re hard to come by as the income for each Thai is so low, and Thai Girls will generally want and need to save money to send it back home. They can at times have children they need to support, and it is very common for them to have a Thai boyfriend who will demand money when he needs it. It is very common for all girls in Thailand to be required to do this, and it must be understood that they will always put them selves on the bottom on the pecking order, unless a farang is there. Farangs will always be last.

Girls that are “good” and educated will not generally work in Pattay though, as it is known for been a seedy town with a big red light district. Educated Thai Girls will also wish to stay with other Thais at is is the thing to to do for the upper middle Thai class.